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What a beautiful weekend!
We built and planted our veggie garden (it’s MASSIVE) & finished off the backyard! SO happy with the results.

It is such an amazing space to just sit back and relax…and this is my plan for the rest of the summer- well when there is actually downtime…

This does not do the size justice!








and we added a little bit of fun and colour around our whole space- I can’t wait for everything to start blooming!

Just a touch of colour








Needless to say our healthful eating habits were a little lacking over the long weekend- so today its on! Healthful meals ALL WEEK LONG & back on track.

I started the morning off with Vegan Overnight Oats. I use the basic recipe from Angela’s blog Oh She Glows. This morning I added a fresh banana & some cinnamon- It was delish.

For lunch… I made quite possibly the yummiest B.L.A.T ever. So simple and yet SO fulfilling.

B.L.A.T at it’s best!








B.L.A.T’s are not a new concept. Restaurants all over offer these delish treats; they are SO simple to make.

B-’bacon’, L-lettuce, A- avocado, T-tomato. (feel free to use real bacon!)

The best thing is that you can add whatever you want to them; homemade mayo, mustard, onion, pickles, the sky’s the limit my friend.

I make mine with Gluten Free Udi Bread, fresh tomato, avocado, ‘bacon’, lettuce, fresh ground pepper and cheese.
These are not vegan (since I added regular cheese) but they are a perfect lunch treat.

Prepared and consumed in 15 minutes flat.


To finish off a great long weekend I made these amazing little treats from Healthful Pursuit.

Warning- Highly Addictive!

I am not even embarrassed to say that I went back…twice…for more. Yes, they are THAT good!

They taste so good that I barely even noticed that they don’t look even half as pretty as Leanne’s do…i’m ok with that!  How did you spend your long weekend?

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