Veggie Rice Wraps

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Rice wraps are seriously one of the easiest ways to throw a bunch of crunchy ingredients together for a refreshing snack. You can put almost anything in these bad boys…. today, I chose cucumber, carrots and bell peppers.

Rice Wraps_1

You can find rice paper at most grocery stores, look for them in the international aisle or with the sushi offerings.

Working with rice paper can be a bit sticky however. Follow the directions on the package (I did not… oooppppsss- I immerse mine in room temp water for 20 seconds or so and then shake water off and use immediately).

Lay the rice paper on a dry surface, add your insides (veggies and such).

Fold the two side edges in and then roll.

Rice Wraps_2

You can dip with any kind of sauce as well. I decided to simply use some tamari with grated ginger and minced garlic for mine.

Rice Wraps_3

There are simply no limits to the ‘insides’ that you can use. I kept mine simple (the only thing missing was sprouts, you can never go wrong with sprouts!)

Maybe a dessert wrap with apple, honey and cinnamon? Perhaps a little breakfast fun? A Mexican fiesta with beans and guac? <— upcoming post?!?!

What kind of combo can you come up with? Email us your creations to!

Rice Wraps_4


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